“Summer In The Bay” PT. 4
Featuring Live Footage From: Brainoil, D.H.C., Iron Lung, Mortuous & More

This is the fourth update(1, 2, 3) spotlighting some of my favourite shows that happened this summer in the Bay Area.

On 8/17/12 Deadfest II Day 1 was upon us. DF II was a killer DIY festival that spanned over two days and featured over 50 bands for under $10 bucks each day.

D.H.C. were awesome at DFII! They had the biggest pit and kids were going crazy on Day 1! The day before they played a house spot where Eric(Vocalist) gets gashed above his nose and it just rained blood down his face as they stormed through their last few more songs. Two awesome days of DHC ruling it this Summer.

GodAwfulNoise is a grindcore band from Phoenix(Az). This was their second appearance at Deadfest as they played the year before as well. Solid Grindcore from Arizona.

Negative Standards from Oakland headlined DF day 2. They play a hybrid of Dark Hardcore with Crust/Black Metal and Doom influences and are strong supporters of the Underground and DIY. Visual experimentation(not mine) and pissed off crust=fuck yes.

War Trash is a Crust band from Oakland. They’ve recently returned from a few year hiatus and since the reformation the guys came back stronger than ever. Now with addition of their good friend Gregg(Your Enemy/1000swilldie) on drums – they have been getting active again and are playing shows locally. It’s always a pleasure watching these folks play music.

Bruxers are a Crusty Death Metal band from San Jose. They’ve been around a number of years and have gained a respectable following amongst people in bands and are set to have their first demo released on Deific Mourning, which is ran by Dan the Vocalist of both Acephalix and Vastum.

Your Enemy is a Grindcore band that I’m in. Our good friend Dan(Killthatcat)filmed our set this evening. Our drummer Gregg organized this whole fest and did it with NO corporate sponsorship or handouts. The scene came together and allowed for something special like this to be able to exist and that’s fucking awesome. This was really fun

Connoisseur is a Smokeland Hardcore act that is paying tribute to their affinity of getting really high and listening to straightedge hardcore. They like to have fun and are always a great show.

HumanxWaste from San Francisco hung up the boots after this final awesome performance.

Aputasos are a band that caught my eye last year. I noticed their style and was impressed with them. This year they had a new vocalist and she brought it. Aputasos is an awesome grindcore band from L.A.

Bloody Phoenix is another really incredible grindcore band from L.A. and were one of my favourite bands at Day II. They brought a new vocalist with them whom I recognized from a few years prior when she did vocals with Progeria at Speedtrials. Check out this killer band!

On 9/2/12
After the Dropdead Day Show – I made my way out to the Iron Lung Records showcase that was happening at 924 Gilman St. that evening.

Brainoil is a supremely Heavy band from Oakland. This is Brainoil at The Gilman with a new song off their new split that is coming out with Dropdead!

Iron Lung is a powerviolence band from Seattle that started out in 1999. Iron Lung performances are few and far between, so when they do play it’s worth the effort to check them out.

Walls is a band that features members of Iron Lung(drummer) and Lords of Light(Vocalist). There was a funny comic on the Iron Lung blogspot revealing that they are no longer a band. This was one of their last performances.

Slices is a sardonic/have fun hardcore band from Pittsburgh. The last time I remember seeing them was at the “final” In Disgust show with Brainoil, Iron Lung & Migraine at the Hazmat back in 010.

On 9/5/12 I headed over to Merchants in Oakland for a birthday party show.

Cave Troll is a new band from Oakland. This was their first show. The band is ex-Dolph Lundgren and features Justin(Badr Vogu) on drums and Leif on guitar. When best friends start bands they generally are going to be fun – such is the case with this band.

MRSA was a female fronted powerviolence band from Oakland. This was my favorite performances of theirs and it ended up being their final show.

On 9/8/12 Bikes for Beers II happened in San Jose and Caffa was offered a spot at the final destination on this years route with some of my favourite people and their bands. We piled in a van and headed down to SJ and this is the footage I caught.

Kabuki Scrim is a new band from San Jose. This is a concept driven golden grind band. Andre(vocalist) belts out some of the gnarliest vocals I’ve heard pulled off live – and consistently. This band is all about the show, and Im all about their goofy style of Grindcore weirdness.

Mortuous is a killer new Bay Area Death Metal Band. They are punishingly brutal and legit. The lineup is composed of a few local legends of the genre in Mike Beam and Col Jones of Exhumed mixed with the young crushers Al and Colin Tarvin from Bruxers. They are Dead Heavy.

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