Swedish Death Metal x Death By Metal
Mix tape & T-Shirt Preview

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Our partners in death are at it again! Japan’s Death by Metal, aka Galeria de Muerte, is about to release a special t-Shirt + tote Bag. Nicke of Entombed handled the illustrations & Daniel Ekeroth, the author of Swedish Death Metal, curated a mixtape that is streaming below! To pre-order this Death by Metal t-Shirt + tote, go HERE!

ENTOMBED – Left Hand Path (from “Left hand path” LP)
GROTESQUE – Incantation (from “Incantation” MLP)
MERCILESS – Pure Hate (from “The awakening” LP)
OBSCURITY – Demented (from “Damnations pride” demo)
DISMEMBER – Override Into Overture (from “Like an ever flowing stream” LP)
UNCANNY – Soul Incest (from “Splenium for Nyktophobia” LP)
DELLAMORTE – Uglier & More Disgusting (from “Uglier & more disgusting” LP)

song curation by Daniel Ekeroth (author of swedish death metal)

Swedish Death Metal x Death By Metal officail T-shirt + Tote Bag


Swedish Death Metal mixtape by Daniel ekroth


Hail Swedish Death Metal Mixtape by Death By Metal


6.66 – Daniel Ekeroth “Sunlight Studio Recordings”



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  • http://facebook.com/thefevered Nick McKeon

    I’d love to buy it, but I’m having a hard time figuring out the pricing…