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Photos: Void Revelations The member bands of the Black Twilight Circle collective have shown us some of the best live experiences of the past few years when we’ve had the pleasure to witness their rituals. Right now, they are on a European tour that is decimating cities across the continent until Feb

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A very interesting recent development in the American black metal scene is the establishment of the Black Twilight Circle (BTC). This movement sees a number of black metal bands, based around the Crepusculo Negro record label, putting out limited releases and collaborating on different projects. The movement is led by

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As a reader of CVLT Nation, you already know that we are HUGE fans of the Los Angeles Collective that goes by the name Black Twilight Circle. In my book, they have created some very interesting music over the years that knows no boundaries or boxes. All of the projects

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Labels: Ajna Offensive // Iron Bonehead Productions How has 2014 been for yourself and the other members of the Black Twilight Circle? Eduardo: It has been a monumental year for me, thanks to the support of all our fans in 2014. Volahn and Acualli summoning with Revenge in San Francisco

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The comings and goings of the somewhat mysterious Black Twilight Circle may be shrouded in shadow, yet the collective creative output of Crepusculo Negro records shines as brightly as the California sun in which its originators bask. Ideologies and intentions aside, the circle have put out some storming releases since

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For those of you who’ve never heard of Arizmenda, the members of the band are part of the Black Twilight Circle, a  movement in Southern California that wish to distinguish themselves from the rest of the black metal scene. Black Twilight Circle is comprised of mysterious entities active in the

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