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It’s fucking Friday, and that means I need to knock back a tequila shot, crack a beer and bang my fucking head. CHURCH OF MISERY has given me the perfect, ominous, old school doom-infested track to listen to during my end of week ritual – their track “Confessions of an

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This is just too epic! Peep this heavydelic performance of CHURCH OF MISERY killing shit in Shibuya! Sometimes you have to stop whatever you are doing to watch DOOM, and this is one of those times… feel the misery in your eardrums! Video by this is the end.

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Text and photos via Adam Murray Flew out to Texas on Friday, which was Day Two for Chaos but Day One for me. Sad to miss the Thursday parties, but that’s how it goes. Austin was boasting temperatures in the low 90s when I arrived at 7 in the evening,

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CVLT Nation is stoked to announce that the Sonic Cathedrals Mixtape Series Vol. XXXIII Curated by Sutekh Hexen goes live today. The songs that you will hear on this mixtape will torment your nightmares and melt your braincells. Silence all the talking, just download Sonic Cathedrals Vol. XXXIII after the

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I feel so low it feels good, I feel so down I feel high, I feel so dead I feel alive…now all I need is EYEHATEGOD. This is one of my favorite bands ever; they are pillars of apocalyptic blues & they do what they want without apologies. Their whiskey-drenched

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