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Lets go back to the dungeon and dig deeper into the kinks that are nearest and dearest to me. The D in BDSM should be self explanatory. Or is it? Contrary to popular belief, “dominant” is not just something to click on your FetLife profile in hopes of getting laid.

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We’ve already discussed kink in broader terms, so let’s take a closer look at specific kinks. I started this in my last instalment with a look at consensual non-consent. I am covering the kinks we know and love first, then maybe digging into others I’m not so into, like “littles”

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Hardcore punk maniac? DIY fan? Trendkiller? If you say all of the above, you’ll love Whip Hand! No clean singing. No tech-riffage. No fear. Whip hand rock and jam like they don’t care what you think.

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