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Steve from Embers interviews Davide from Iconoclast Records. Read Embers interview with Claudio from Iconoclast HERE… Steve: Tell me about the first label you ever did? Davide: It was mainly a distribution of records and political stuff, books and info-sheets. I have been an activist for most of my life.

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Aalborg, Denmark. By the time we reach Aalborg, we are past the hallway point of the tour. Many exhausting days of early ferries pushing the hurry up and wait feeling. We arrive in Aalborg several hours early with little idea of what to do while we wait for someone from

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6/2/12: Gothenburg, Sweden. Fucking Epic!!! Back in ’08 I think it was, a group of travelers showed up at my house that were friends of an old roommate I lived with in Berkeley, CA. They were from the Gothenburg/Malmo/Stockholm areas in Sweden. I was immediately charmed by their genuine good

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The following is a video and photo tour of a couple of the squats Embers have visited so far in their European travels – Ungdomshuset in Copenhagen and Rote Flora in Hamburg… Photos and videos after the jump…

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Live photos of Embers/Neon Piss by Jan Zeleny Venue photos via Embers Embers is currently in Berlin. We just finished our set at the Kopi, Summon the Crows have just taken the stage. Below are relevant tour diary entries from the Lesser of Two tour in 1999 regarding shows in

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After Embers’ show in Bologna we went to Ilirska Bistrica to play at MKZN which is the most famous and oldest underground music venue in Slovenija. The last time I had been at MKZN was when Kelly (Embers’ bassist) and I were playing in Lesser of Two. MKZN was known

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