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“Only first wave is real,” say first wave black metal fans who endlessly yearn to re-live 80s and 90s first wave black metal. Guess what? First wave black metal should have never met its demise years ago. So, without further ado, we present a rarefied find on bandcamp in the

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Maniacal thrash metal comes to you straight from the heart of kvlt country, Cvlt Nation – The band is Bütcher.  Their album is entitled Bestial Fukkin’ Warmachine. Let me get this straight.  Thrash is supposed to be dead?  Uh-uh, it isn’t.  Take this band of lunatics from Bütcher, for example. 

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Iron Bonehead Productions must have dug this album out of some moldy treasure chest. Ithaqua’s Initiation to Obscure Mysteries is an old-school metal gem. Ithaqua are from Greece, and Initiation… is their debut demo. Not an all-out hell-raiser, Ithaqua’s style is more subdued, controlled. Think big here, fuckers! It’s a

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