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A few months back, I traveled to Praha in Czech Republic, and during my time there I visited the Gallery of Art Prague where they were exhibiting – amongst others – the paintings and drawings of Salvador Dali. He is one of my favourite artists, so I was glad to have

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What happens when a Polish architect gets into the making of black metal artwork? Zbigniew M. Bielak, that’s what happens. Working with bands like Mayhem, Ghost (their last album), Behemoth, Paradise Lost, Vader and Watain (the artwork of “Lawless Darkness” may be his most famous one), he made a name for

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When it comes to engraving, few people dispute the supremacy of Gustave Doré, but amongst those famous artists that performed this particular form of art, you can find other great names like William Blake, Francisco Goya, Giulio Campagnola and the one we’ll talk about today: Albrecht Dürer. This German engraver

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by Oliver Sheppard Visual artist Aeron Alfrey has furnished illustrations for books about horror authors like HP Lovecraft, Stephen King, and Thomas Ligotti. Alfrey’s meticulously detailed nightmare worlds are crammed with denizens of all varieties, densely peopled with black and white monsters like an unholy mash-up between the medieval apocalypses

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