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Graffiti has grown into an internationally-renowned art form, with creators coming from all over the world – one of them being NYCHOS from Styria in Austria; and this dude has fucking skills that could pay mad bills. What I love about his work is his understanding of anatomy and the way he connects

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MOTÖRHEAD will always be one of my favorite motherfucking bands. I will never forget how they influenced me and my homies to party hard! Lemmy and crew had this FTW attitude that made us not only want to listen to them, but also be them. The original line-up was perfect

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Hawkwind are the foundation from where many bands start! They are one of the bands that mastered the heavy sound early! Hawkwind also bridged the gap between the freaks, hippies & punks. I’m not even going to write about how many bands that they influenced. I will say this though

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The Great Frog, originators of the iconic Skull Ring, have just released a collaboration with Motörhead – two sterling silver rings, the Ace of Spades and the Warpig. They are made with exquisite detail, especially the Warpig ring, which is just bad fucking ass! I hope Joe Petagno gets one!

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Leather, Studs & Motorhead…now it’s time party until we can’t party no more! This band was one of the many bands that linked the punk kids & metalheads together, not only by the music they created, but also by their I do not give fuck attitude. It was Suicidal Tendencies

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Today CVLT Nation has something really special for you…we got an opportunity to sit down with Joe Petagno, the artist who drew for Motorhead for almost 30 years, inventing their classic mascot Snaggletooth, and also for bands like Hawkwind, Led Zeppelin and Nazarath, among many others. But there is so

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