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Compiled for CVLT Nation by Ravn of 1349 I have compiled a list of songs that would be good to listen to before going out to a metal concert or just to out to drink, and that at the same time take me down a musical memory lane. And it goes

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Motörhead is one of the most important bands to ever do it! They bridged the gap between metal heads and punks no like other group, and their early ruckus anthems are things of sonic legend. On a personal level, once I heard Motörhead in the early 80’s, all I wanted was

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 DECIBEL is always a good read for all things metal, and their latest issue is a treasure trove of history for metal heads – a collector’s edition of Top 100 Old-School Heavy Metal LPs of All Time. The issue includes new interviews with Motörhead, Judas Priest and Iron Maiden among others, and an

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MOTÖRHEAD will always be one of my favorite motherfucking bands. I will never forget how they influenced me and my homies to party hard! Lemmy and crew had this FTW attitude that made us not only want to listen to them, but also be them. The original line-up was perfect

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CVLT Nation is stoked to announce that Sonic Cathedrals Vol. LXXXIX Curated by DOCTORSHOPPER is live today! We wanted to make a tape that encompassed our influences directly and indirectly. Songs arranged in a way that captured the ebb and flow of our days, as we all struggle to maintain

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First there was the d-beat crust of Born Dead Icons, whose 2003 Ruins LP is some sort of d-beat/crust masterpiece. Then came the “post-d-beat” punk rock of The Complications, a band on Feral Ward that I interviewed for CVLT Nation, here. Now, from ex-Born Dead Icons and Complications members, comes

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