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Why do I feel like my soul was just dragged screaming out of my eye sockets straight into the pits of hell? Because I just watched T.O.M.B.’s new video for two of their tracks off their release Fury Nocturnus via Peaceville Records, “Awake… DARKNESS.” Total Occultic Mechanical Blasphemy comes with nothing short of

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This list is in dedication to the bands from the Bay Area that have put out collections of sound over the last year that I think are worthy of recognition and praise. This is not a competition, so there is no particular order with these choices – they all fucking

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2011 was a huge year for death metal.  With the return of some classics, and the debut of some bound to be legendary acts, anyone who says the genre is dying is simply isn’t paying attention to the underground.  Hard as it may be, we have pared down the releases

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