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I have absolutely never understood why there are people out there that are scared to die without a “legacy.” Never. For example: I really, truly, credit a certain person with saving my life. There are many people that have in their own ways, but this one especially. Even though I

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Not long ago, I was challenged to write a guitar instruction book. It was apparent to me, and to others I spoke with about this matter, that the books that are currently available on the market all approach music instruction from essentially the same general direction – they all treat

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This tome has been the ridicule of some and received dark praise from others. My own notion of the book lies somewhere in between. Hideous Gnosis, subtitled ‘Black Metal Theory’ has a scholarly type approach to the writing style, and does become quite verbose at times but provokes many interesting

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Pete Helmkamp is a true warrior of life, shedding his vocal and bass talents in the past for Revenge and Kerasphorus. Two war metal bands that blaze a blasphemic path of nuclear destruction in the face of the modern death metal scene. The latter disbanded a short time ago. What

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