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Hey Ben, most folks reading this will know who Profane Existence are. But what has been going on for the last few years with PE? Who is running things now between design and distribution there must be a lot and how did you get started at PE? Profane Existence has

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Review Source Profane Existence I love just about every d​-beat band that has ever come out of Sweden. From Anti Cimex, Wolfpack, Totalitär, Avskum and everything in between. If I had to choose another music genre that I like, it would have to be fast and heavy distorted punk from

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Interview by Andy (Leffer) Lefton The Shame play straight up, unapologetic, in your face anti-fascist Oi! with lyrics about BEER and FOOTBALL (the international kind). This record is filled with anthems that the whole scene can drink-a-long to. So grab a pint with your mates, turn on the game and

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Interview by Melissa from Profane Existence War//Plague has just released their debut full length album On A Darker Dawn. There is a progression and growth about the new album in comparison to their last release. There’s a unique and cohesive theme and sound to this album that must have taken

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WAR//PLAGUE’s new album entitled On A Darker Dawn, out now on Profane Existence is a crust/metal barrage of awesomeness that never gives up or gives in! The band brings 11 songs of aggressive socio-politics crashing against oppression. In these fucked up times that we are living in, this is the

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Story source Profane Existence Stimulator

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