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For those not familiar with Putrefaction, words like crusty metal, Motörhead, Hellshock and Mad Max are normally mentioned, which is quite apt. To be honest, I’ve been really looking forward to hearing what they were going to do next. And low and behold, here they are with a new ep

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I normally get to Dublin city a few times a year for a gig. This time it was all really decent local bands, so I decided now was another good time for a visit. So starting off at seven in the morning, I made my way in darkness to the

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There has been great albums out this year from Thisclose, Black September, Cross Stitched Eyes, Countdown To Armageddon, Hooded Menace, Neurosis and the list goes on. But this is a count down of the crust ones, so I won’t be including them, even though all great releases. And of course

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Just a few months ago, Dublin black metal enigma Sodb (featuring members of Altar of Plagues, Putrefaction and The Dagda) released their demo tape Don Seantalamh a Chuid Féin, which CVLT Nation was more than pleased to review. Now, we’re even more pleased to present to you the demo streaming

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This was the second year of Filthfest in Dublin city, so after last years two day festival being so good, it was a must to go again this year. After arriving I had to visit the usual haunts in Dublin on any visit, Into The Void Records, Chapters bookshop and

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The debut LP by Ireland’s Putrefaction is a heavy dose of dark metallic crusty riffs skewered together by visions of concentration camps, putrefied bodies, cities consumed by filth, corruption and disease. The opening track ‘Scourge’ leads us in, with distorted feedback slowly fading and declining into a heavy bass tone

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