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RidingEasy Records is a label we can count on. They find some of the best rock n’ roll being made today, and the new record from Shooting Guns entitled Flavour Country fits right into their stellar catalog. Note the “u” in Flavour – these guys hail from the Canadian fuckin’

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Unholy Radness… New York’s BLACKOUT is back with their soon to be released LP called The Horse and it is the BOMB! This band has only gotten heavier, and for that they have gained even more of my respect! Riding Easy has done it again by putting out killer Rock & Roll

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Are you ready for good ol’ Rock & Roll? Well, our brothers over at Riding Easy Records are about to give you what you need in the from of the new self-titled LP by Svvamp! I’m not going to front, it is such a trip that three Swedish dudes can create

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Excuse me as I stop typing and run for my BONG, because right now I’m blasting  the soon to be released SPELLJAMMER album entitled Ancient of Days. What should you be in store for when you press play below? THC-infused fuzz riffs that will have you choking on their smoke

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There are certain things that will never go out of style in the realm of stoner metal — good riffs, guitar and bass tones that find the perfect balance between presence and attack, and fat-as-fuck drumming — and Spelljammer is keenly aware of this. Ancient Of Days, the Swedish trio’s

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Ahh shit…the SONS of HUNS are back in a very groovy way. This band is committed to kicking out those jams that will have you dancing, because their tunes are that fucking catchy. Their new album While Sleeping Stay Awake will hit the streets on July 19th via our comrades

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