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Native American dark folk act Nechochwen state that they “look to the past, before industrialization, [for inspiration] and always try to picture things before the settlers came to the area. There is a bleakness here that blinds locals to the beauty around them, and eventually that worms its way into

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Over two years ago, in my review of Cult of Youth’s Love Will Prevail, I wrote that it “really is one of those rare ‘next level’ LPs that bands always strive to create,” and I think I also called it a “game changer.” These are words that I still stand

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by Oliver Sheppard Better late than never, this list comprises, in no particular order, the 6 best neofolk releases from 2012. Of course, neofolk grew out of the postpunk (Death in June) and post-industrial (Current 93) movements to become a genre all its own by the late 1980s. Since the

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The new and third Cult of Youth LP, Love Will Prevail, officially drops September 4. On Sacred Bones, the record showcases Cult of Youth’s relentless desire to drive forward and experiment with new sounds, incorporating a broader swath of instrumentation and influences than were on display on their previous two

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