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Morne have always been an impressive band; 2011’s lush but dark and heavy voyage into post metal/crust misanthropy Asylum will attest to that and going back further, releases like their split with Warprayer show that they had vigour from the beginning. However, Shadows is the album they’ve been threatening to

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Embers sure do know how to write a riff. The riffs on their third full length, Shadows, will stick to your ribs and get stuck in your head. The dueling guitar melodies find the perfect balance between repetition and variation throughout the albums 10 songs. Embers write catchy, melodic guitar

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Embers, from Oakland, California play atmospheric, crust influenced black metal. Embers new full length, “Shadows” is now available as a free download on their bandcamp page. I’ve been hooked since hearing their self released ‘Memoris in Aeterna’ released in 2007. Embers create a monolithic doom-laden nightmare soundscape that leaves a

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