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If you’ve been casting an eye on Ireland in the last two or three years, you may have noticed that it has become fertile ground for some exciting black metal bands; Sodb, Slidhr immediately spring to mind while you have upstarts like Ceaseless Blight. The mysterious Krawwl are the newest

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Number One ETERNAL HELCARAXE Eternal Helcaraxe’s first full-length is deservedly one of the best records to come out of this island this year. Released by Abyss Records, Against All Odds is the Cavan black metallers’ best work to date after the To Whatever End EP and a demo in 2008.

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Just a few months ago, Dublin black metal enigma Sodb (featuring members of Altar of Plagues, Putrefaction and The Dagda) released their demo tape Don Seantalamh a Chuid Féin, which CVLT Nation was more than pleased to review. Now, we’re even more pleased to present to you the demo streaming

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Despite only playing a handful of gigs since their inception, Dublin’s Fern Floor garnered enough of a buzz in their initial months of being that quite a few heads in the local scene would turn when this, their first release, Elder emerged from the undergrowth. Released by the endlessly busy

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In keeping with the recent trend of impressive demo tapes popping up from Ireland, Tome, from Antrim, add their names to an already formidable list that counts ZOM, Sodb and Sickener, who’ve all put out releases in the last 12 months, ranging from great to outright stunning. Self-described as sludge

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By all accounts, Dublin’s Sodb’s demo was destined for greatness. One look at its roll call of members would say so, namely drummer Johnny King from Altar of Plagues alongside members of defunct crustcore band The Dagda and the still inactive Fuck You Written In Shit. The various membership though

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