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Over two years ago, in my review of Cult of Youth’s Love Will Prevail, I wrote that it “really is one of those rare ‘next level’ LPs that bands always strive to create,” and I think I also called it a “game changer.” These are words that I still stand

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German neofolk musician Art Abscons’ Les Sentiers Éternels LP was named one of CVLT Nation’s “Top 6 Neofolk Releases” last year, and with good reason. Though the mysterious performer only appears in public behind a green monster mask, his music is the opposite of monstrous: In my review of his

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Whether you call it dark folk, “apocalyptic folk” (David Tibet’s term), or the term I’ll use here, neofolk, an early musical goal of bands in this genre seemed to be “Joy Division unplugged”: Neofolk granddaddies Death in June took the vibe and imagery of Joy Division’s “Ideal for Living” EP

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