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Unless you are a stranger to CVLT Nation, you are not a stranger to the bestial death metal war machine that is London, England’s QRIXKUOR! Since the release of their infamous Consecration of the Temple demo in 2014, the band has bolstered a well-deserved and loyal following… and if you’ve

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Bow down to the Witchcraft Hardware coven, because our favorite UK skateboard company have just released their SUMMER ’12 decks. The lineup features some filthy illustrations from French, Andre Coehlo, Bradley Jay & Paul Parker – you will not be disappointed. These decks are so rad, you could collect all

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Pete Helmkamp is a true warrior of life, shedding his vocal and bass talents in the past for Revenge and Kerasphorus. Two war metal bands that blaze a blasphemic path of nuclear destruction in the face of the modern death metal scene. The latter disbanded a short time ago. What

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Today CVLT Nation has something really special for you…we got an opportunity to sit down with Joe Petagno, the artist who drew for Motorhead for almost 30 years, inventing their classic mascot Snaggletooth, and also for bands like Hawkwind, Led Zeppelin and Nazarath, among many others. But there is so

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There are some histories that the US media – especially the mainstream private media – feel that the American people can’t handle. This three-part BBC documentary series, The Power of Nightmares, is one of them. Although the creator, Adam Curtis, has tried countless times since 2004 to have this series

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