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Photographer: Bobby Cochran Based in: Bay Area Site:   ONE: Wovenhand   I’d only been using a camera for about 4 months, and this was the first show I’d ever shot (as is evidenced by the poor quality photo). It was kinda amazing I got to do it in

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Text & Photos: Bobby Cochran There’s always a moment just before Wovenhand begin playing where vocalist/guitarist/mastermind David Eugene Edwards begins slipping from this world into some other… as if spirits begin swirling in the air around him and he listens, murmurs out loud to them, awakens himself to their presence.  This has

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David Eugene Edwards, main man of Wovenhand, made quite an interesting turn with his previous full-length, Refractory Obdurate. Having signed at the time with Deathwish Inc., it felt fitting to produce a slightly heavier, more aggressive album. That is not to say that he left behind his musical roots, but

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In recent times, you’ve toured alongside other boundary-dissolving acts such as Chelsea Wolfe and Marriages, as well as been a part of some prominent festivals (such as Roadburn and the upcoming Psycho Las Vegas) that are known for their diverse lineups – how does it feel to be able to

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Tour season is still in full effect! One tour that I’m not going to miss when it comes to Vancouver is Chelsea Wolfe and Wovenhand. Peep these two stellar full sets from both bands’ recent NYC performances captured by Pit Full Of Shit…Chelsea is beyond enchanting live, so do not

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Andrea Petrovicova is a Czech photographer who with every photo essay melts our  minds with her style. Today we would like to share with her most recent photos of WOVENHAND & MARRIAGES from their most recent performances in Czech Republic. WOVENHAND MARRIAGES

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