The Bottomless Night Mixtape
Curated by Bryan Proteau

This mix tape is a collection of songs relating to the ambient and experimental genres as well as black metal and doom. These are all songs that I have immensely enjoyed over the past few years while drawing, studying, or staring out bus windows. All of these songs take me to a different place in my mind, and there are specific memories and emotions attached to each one. I hope you all enjoy it.

Stream The Bottomless Night
[audio: Sleds.mp3, The Golden Horn.mp3, The Crystal World.mp3, Avalanche.mp3, Daedalus.mp3, The Death Posture.mp3, Paramnesia 1.mp3, In The Air I – In The Air II – In The Air III.mp3, White Flag.mp3, Untitled 1.mp3, …it’s just wide-open field. 1.mp3, La bouche de vitus bering.mp3|titles=Sleds – Pyramids,The Golden Horn – Horseback,The Crystal World – Locrian,Avalanche – Zola Jesus,Daedalus – Deafheaven,The Death Posture – Bosse-De-Nage,Paramnesia – Lurker Of Chalice,In The Air – Tim Hecker,White Flag – Grails,Untitled – Pelican,…it’s just a wide open field – Cloudkicker,La Bouche de Vitus Bering – Year Of No Light]

Download The Bottomless Night HERE!

1. Sleds – Pyramids
2. The Golden Horn – Horseback
3. The Crystal World – Locrian
4. Avalanche – Zola Jesus
5. Daedalus – Deafheaven
6. The Death Posture – Bosse-De-Nage
7. Paramnesia – Lurker Of Chalice
8. In The Air – Tim Hecker
9. White Flag – Grails
10. Untitled – Pelican
11. …it’s just a wide open field – Cloudkicker
12. La Bouche de Vitus Bering – Year Of No Light

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  • Awesome mix.

    Congratulations on the success of your website.

    All of cvltnation should be proud!