The Bottomless Night Mixtape <br/>Curated by Bryan Proteau

The Bottomless Night Mixtape
Curated by Bryan Proteau

by March 8, 2012 1 comment
This mix tape is a collection of songs relating to the ambient and experimental genres as well as black metal and doom. These are all songs that I have immensely enjoyed over the past few years while drawing, studying, or staring out bus windows. All of these songs take me to a different place in my mind, and there are specific memories and emotions attached to each one. I hope you all enjoy it. Stream The Bottomless Night

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Download The Bottomless Night HERE! 1. Sleds - Pyramids 2. The Golden Horn - Horseback 3. The Crystal World - Locrian 4. Avalanche - Zola Jesus 5. Daedalus - Deafheaven 6. The Death Posture - Bosse-De-Nage 7. Paramnesia - Lurker Of Chalice 8. In The Air - Tim Hecker 9. White Flag - Grails 10. Untitled - Pelican 11.'s just a wide open field - Cloudkicker 12. La Bouche de Vitus Bering - Year Of No Light

  • Andre

    Awesome mix.

    Congratulations on the success of your website.

    All of cvltnation should be proud!