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NECKFACE Art Spotlight!

Grafitti has existed on this planet since humankind landed. I know that I have been into scrawl on walls ever since I saw my first gang tag in the 70’s. The writing on the walls has so many different meanings to everyone. For some, it’s a political statement or an expression of art, for others, it’s vandalism. Street art has started to gain respect in the mainstream in the last decade, but cops are still assholes, so there is still that outlaw factor. Another interesting thing about the grafitti subculture is that it transcends gender, race, class, nationality and musical preference. A good example of this is heavy metal-loving NECKFACE. This Stockton-bred latino skater-turned-artist has taken the New York streets and the art world by storm over the past five years. It’s been killer watching this cool dude spray paint his demented imagination all over the world and make a living while doing it. NECKFACE has been able to balance his street cred while maintaining a presence in the art universe that is full of oversized egos. I dig the way that his art has almost a child-like quality, but at the same time it deals with our darkest thoughts. My personal favorites of NECKFACE are on the walls of Tokyo’s alleys, or on top of New York businesses. Today, CVLT Nation wants to celebrate our favorite grafitti creep NECKFACE with a huge gallery of his work. Stab your eyes out and have look at death itself after the jump!

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Sean Reveron

Sean Reveron

  • sharon needles

    I’ve always love the neck! Ever since he had a interview in thrasher magazine in which he spray painted NECKFACE over a dead cat..RADICVLT……..