The Left and Right Hand Paths…<br/>Robert Cook

The Left and Right Hand Paths…
Robert Cook

by August 2, 2013 1 comment

Robert Cook creates haunting illustrations inspired by his concept of Norot, or the artistic expression of mythical, esoteric and occult elements through different media, aural and visual. Entering his illustrated world, I feel overwhelmed by the powerful figures that I confront there. I am but an observer, but they speak to me in ancient tongues and radiate a pantheistical energy and power. Cook is an expat American living in Ireland, and you can certainly see the Celtic influence on his artwork, where many lines intersect and cross each other to create interwoven and seemingly infinite patterns. His inspiration is clearly deep-seated and intellectual, based in profound contemplation of humanity and our subconscious relationship with our world. There is a lot of emotion and intuition in Cook’s work, and it draws the viewer into its universe easily, asking us to contemplate what lies beyond our rational mind. Check out more of Robert Cook’s illustrations below…










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Robert Cook"

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Amy Corley-Bergeron
2 years 6 months ago

So proud of you Robbie!