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What kind of spirits live inside tiny sounds? What kind of clouds float above silence? Honestly, I don’t have the answers, but when I listen to A DEATH CINEMATIC, for some reason I feel like I have the answers. This one man noise guitar doom wizard knows how to craft otherworldly sounds with the music he creates. Most of the time his compositions are wordless, but at the same time speak all of these wonderful emotions. A DEATH CINEMATIC’s newest record is entitled The New World, out now on his own Simple Box Construction imprint. His music is all about the invisible, because it’s full of unseen forces that capture your imagination. The New World is an epic 6-song journey that unfolds like the changing of the seasons. A DEATH CINEMATIC has just released a new video for the title track that offers a stellar visual to an awesome tune that features spoken word by Matt Finney. The thing about the Simple Box Construction releases is the attention to detail that this label has when constructing the packaging. To get the full scope of what I mean, you would have to see The New World in person and hold it in your hand. It comes in a wooden CD case, with a hand-bound book of 22 photos and stamped artwork. Open up your window, press play on the stream below and see where A DEATH CINEMATIC takes your mind. Check out some killer product shots after the jump, but in the meantime, peep the video for “The New World” under these words!

SBC – 011 and SBC – 012 released in january 2012 on simple box construction. this cd and book f photos by a death cinematic packaged in an all hand made balsa wood, paper and cedar veneer gatefold sleeve is limited to an edition of 150. just under an hour worth of music, each release comes with a hand-bound book of 22 photos and stamped artwork.
released 31 January 2012
photography, design, fabrication, packaging by: simple box construction
music played, recorded, mixed, edited, mastered by: a death cinematic
THE NEW WORLD poem written, read, and recorded by: matt finney

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