The slow kill in the cold

I discovered this black gem from a compilation that represented a third wave of Norwegian black metal. This division has 3 obscure members, and nothing is really known about them save for one or 2 interviews, one done by myself. They tread a unique path, as each individual does not mold into a specific role. Each occupying a different element on the 3 releases that have surfaced. ‘Sower of Death’ did not take long to become one of my favorite of the black metal ilk. The overall aesthetic of it, with the field recordings infused into old style black metal. Even some keyboards are properly mixed inside. The vox are of a majestic quality that never overpower, you could picture what they sound like even buy setting your eyes on the album cover, and contain quite a bit of variance. The thin and piercing production is complimented by the occasional thunder roll and falling rain, with a buzzing pitch which completely sets the atmosphere. Read the rest inside…

It is the key to the gate if you will for Abomino Aetas, the atmosphere and ambience which makes you feel like you are lying on the wet ground of a northern forest during a storm. Rather than purposely focusing on create seperated tracks, Abomino Aetas let the album breathe as an entirety with a flowing pace. The ebb and flow of the drumming really offers to suck you in. The diabolical prose of Sower… is also something else to be worshiped, to bring the experience to even more grandiose ends, i would recommend reading them at least once whilst listening without distractions. Some mysterious quality about their music is their ability to sound pitch black or malevolent, but also if desired can feel rather positive or even beautiful at times. I mean this in the strictest sense, like relating to how medieval renaissance music is beautiful. I love to take this without distractions before sleep in headphones and just drown in it. The new opus is entitled Undead, and takes form outside of the walls of traditional black metal, actually entering further into the realms of funeral music. Crawling forth with some eerie string pieces and dirge ridden drums like the march of any real funereal service. Undead is even more foreboding than the last output, one continuous song stretching for 20 minutes, but effectively feeling much longer if you are already in quite a doomy mood. I can picture the vocalist standing above an empty grave screaming at¬† a wooden casket slowly being lower into the earth. The inclusion of field recordings returns with the pestilential rainstorms, and crows. Perfect background music for your age old death. Norway is still a dark breeding ground for true and fearsome black metal, the seeds have been spread and are sprouting again…

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