The Vitality of Pesanta Urfolk

It’s been said so many times before of how the internet revolutionized music and how we acquired music. Now we store and play music on our computer. Of course we also get a few CD’s which we rip onto our computer. And of course most releases these days are the usual CD format with a nice little booklet with lyrics and band photo, all well and good.

But since 2008, Pesanta Urfolk has knocked all that shit on the head. It has re-energized and given new vitality to music and how it should be presented. Fresh ideas, unforgettable layout, original music and all released on limited vinyl. All done with a love for music and not money.

It was the music of course that first got my attention, ambient black metal, drone, neofolk etc. I first got the Ash Borer lp on stunning thick red vinyl, along with an embroidered patch, poster and stickers and Vradiazei’s on bronze vinyl. Amazing I thought and complimented the music very well.

Now this week I received more new striking releases. L’Acephale – ‘Stahlhartes Gehäuse’ limited double picture disc LP’s, one side of the record is etched with an ancient illuminated looking image of the headless man. Along with a full color 24 page booklet and a waxed sealed black lettered envelope containing a black CD disc an old styled illustration inside… damn impressive (check out the photos below). The other release was HELL – II again a limited double LP. This time on black/ox-blood vinyl. A thick heavy jacket and blood red interior. I was taken aback before even listening to the music! Labels take note Pesanta Urfolk have set the standard high.


ash borer

Pesanta Urfolk2

Pesanta Urfolk1

Pesanta Urfolk6

Pesanta Urfolk3

Pesanta Urfolk5

Pesanta Urfolk4


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  • Whaaaat??? My L’Acephale LP didn’t come with no Wax Sealed CD!?!?!? Now, I feel left out 🙁

  • Recently Purchased the Hell II double vinyl, been a pleasure to order from Pesanta Urfolk. Great communication and artists…