The Witching Hour…
Stuart Littlejohn

A few weeks ago, I posted about Ixaxaar Occult Literature‘s witchcraft shop, and while researching for the post I came across a stunning piece of artwork enshrining Santissima Muerte. The artist who painted this saint with depth and passion is Devon, UK’s Stuart Littlejohn, and I have since come to admire his work above many others I have seen. He delves into a world rich with magick, occult and symbolism, depicting ancient figures in powerful scenes that make the hairs on the back of my neck stand up. His colors are vibrant, but he layers them to create a profound darkness, a cavern of color that pulls the viewer in. His subjects are gods, goddesses and royalty of the esoteric shadows, richly robed and holding talismans, exuding emotion. His portraits are modern renditions of Renaissance work, but encompass centuries on the canvas. It’s almost like looking at the Ancients through time, and as it builds up around you it changes the lens through which you are seeing, layering realities to create a whole image. After the jump, check out a small sample of Littlejohn’s paintings…

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  • Isidis St Claire

    Where do we get prints of these????