This is a Test…

Wow is jumping over 6 unholy fucks and awesome is doing back flips over pure radness…MAN WILL DESTROY HIMSELF is one of the sickest new bands in my universe.The first millisecond that I heard them, they had me hanging on to the killer fury that they conjure up like a puppet on a string. So this is the deal, MAN WILL DESTROY HIMSELF, from Raleigh, NC, just released their album This is a Test via The Path Less Traveled Records. If you can’t tell, this record has me mad hyped! When the riff on “Circle the Drain” wraps around your inner head banging demons, I know for sure you will be hooked. Actually, MAN WILL DESTROY HIMSELF is so good that when I hear them, everyday feels like Saturday. Now I’m going to get my mad scientist on, I’m going to mix the spirit of Rudimentary Peni with the confrontational energy of S.O.A, plus the metallic edge of VOID, and what I would create would still be no match for MAN WILL DESTROY HIMSELF. The vocalist in this band is called Earthworm Poverty, and his magnetic screams & grunts are filled with harmonic agony. Then there is the music – you could say it’s crust, metal or punk, but none of these labels would do it justice, my advice to you would be to hear it for yourself. I will say that every tune on this record is gnarly to the core. MAN WILL DESTROY HIMSELF know how to use speed as a weapon, and they construct all of their tunes with a rancid layer of cosmic melody that will have your face contorting in awe. You know when you hear people that live what they create every second of their existence, so their creations have that special quality that you can’t put your finger on? This band has that. Now I have one more thing I have to do before I leave this planet, I must see MAN WILL DESTROY HIMSELF live. I know these humans must rip the universe a new one!
[audio:|titles=MWDH Circle The Drain]

[audio:|titles=MWDH Massive Ordnance Air Blast]
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