Timeless Dark Pop! Tor Lundvall Video Premiere “Quiet Room”

Tor Lundvall’s new DARK PLACE LP is pure magic and takes me back to the moment when I first heard Massive Attack’s Blue Lines. After just one listen, I realized that what I was hearing was so special that the sounds will live with me for the rest of my life. Tor’s voice is so beautiful it has the power to turn a fucked up afternoon into a glorious day. The music he creates is the perfect backdrop for his vocal delivery. The music itself speaks a sonic language of inner reflection that empowers the listener. Our comrades over at Dais Records released the DARK PLACE LP last Friday, and today we have the honor of premiering the video “Quiet Room” off of this dark pop masterpiece. This visual was filmed by Tor Lundvall and Christine Martin in East Hampton, New York, and edited by Tor Lundvall. If you buy only one non-metal or punk record this year, Tor Lundvall’s DARK PLACE LP should be it!



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