CVLT Nation’s Top 6
Demo Releases
Of 2011

Drawing up a top six list of excellent demo releases from the past year was tough. A rundown from 1-6 seemed a little unfair as the bands hard work and dedication is unparalleled throughout all of these demos. So, here’s the top six demos I’ve personally heard this year that are cool are totally worth checking out in a completely fair and alphabetised order. Awesome.

Handily, anything that can be legit downloaded/purchased/streamed is linked. Fancy eh? Get to it after the jump.


Bell Witch – Bell Witch Demo 2011

Bass and drum driven doom. Bleak.









Black Monolith – DEMO EP

Blackened d-beat crust. UGH.









doctorshopper – pax pharma demo 

Pharmaceutically aided and terrifyingly real.







Lycus – DEMO 2011

Absolutely crushing doom.









Mutilation Rites – DEMO 2011

Brooklyn based black metal. Intense.









Obolus – DEMO

Mysteriously atmospheric black metal.


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  • Clinton

    Tight List.

  • What makes something a demo these days? Obviously in these cases they’re not something half done to be redone later or just samplers to give to labels or anything like that.

  • DoomRooster

    Agreed, the Bell Witch, Mutilation Rites and Lycus demos are great! Also, that Black Monolith one isn’t a slouch, it’s pummeling!

  • I heard the Mutilation Rites demo quite late in year, so glad I got round it. Amazing stuff! The Lycus one might be my all round “favourite” though. Damn.

    These bands can only get better from here, these demos are such an indication of where they’re headed. cannot wait.

  • lycus and bell witch both had amazing demos. some of the best music released this year, demo or not.

  • Andy O

    Mutilation Rites is my favorite release overall this year. Amazing stuff.

  • R.

    Excellent list.