Wow, one year CVLT Nation – this has been an incredible, exciting time for me on basically every level of my existence. So at this very special day I’d like to feature a record that has recently been released and is absolutely worth mentioning today: I’m speaking of by the NY-based .

‘s music is as bright and gruesome as a glacier in the bright morning sun and terrible as the icy winds surrounding it. Listening to those eleven songs from start to finish, you’ll feel like being taken away to a journey to a different time and place. The real greatness of only shows when you take your time and listen to this aural masterpiece in its totality. Full review after the jump!

To achieve such an incredible athmosphere, wisely weave a web between Black Metal, Post Rock and Prog. I’ve never been a fan of the latter; I’ve always felt like being forced to listen to someone jerking off with his instrument. But ‘s definetely different. All the skillful playing only serves the purpose of creating this certain enlightening athmosphere. It’s uneccessary to mention that ‘s instrumental work is extraordinaire. The band’s biggest strength might be the vocals: beautiful but non-cheesy, clear singing reigns for the biggest part of this record, sometimes broken by fierce screams that’ll let your heart freeze. The brilliant, crystal-clear production underlines ‘s art in an outstanding way.

I can’t think of any band sounding alike. Maybe , since they’re also mixing Black Metal with Prog Rock. But doesn’t combine these genres as convincing as does. Quite a few Metal bands are hailing from New York these days, some of them very hotly debated. But ‘s definetely creating something very special that should speak for itself.


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