Video Premiere: SANGRE DE MUERDAGO – “Fervenza”

A brand new Sangre de Muerdago 10″ EP is coming and we could not be happier to witness once again the re-blossoming of the magical music of this incredible Galician neofolk band. Titled Vagalumes, the new EP will drop on 10″ colored vinyl on December 21, 2017 through Spain’s Throne Records, but you can also pre-order it from the band. To celebrate the release of this new gem today we’re proudly presenting you the band’s new video for the song “Fervenza.” 

Written around the summer solstice 2017 and inspired by the nocturnal magic of fireflies in the summer, the Vagalumes EP is based upon an old folk tale about a firefly and a snake (read the full story from the band), and is dedicated “to all those creatures that carry a light inside. A light that shines by itself, pure and honest, and nourished by love and respect. Keep on shining, be yourself, embrace your light, don’t let others stop you or slow you down, no matter what they say or do to you, your light is so much more important…”



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