Videoblogger Confidential: Goatwhore at SXSW Now Showing!

Welcome to my rejoining of the legion, via a reminiscing of ancient rituals. Several years after I started blogging, I became obsessed with capturing amateur footage of artists that set my mind a blaze. As they were captured on a shoddy flip-vip, with no proppor audio input, no real editing software, and certainly no skill set behind this, the sole purpose of these actions was to document sounds and moments that would otherwise go unseen. Consequently, these went far and wide all over the internet, from places like Vice to Roadrunner’s blog. And with nearly 300 in tow, a far reaching number seem perfectly at home in the Cvlt. So, without further ado, I entreat you to the first installment.

Though I had planned on posting the ill-fated, near completely black footage of LOCRIAN, that I actually filmed for Cvlt Nation, many full moons ago, what with this group playing in my very own Washington, DC tonight, I had to defer to a bit of GoatWhore to get the blood flowing.

I spent a handful of years covering SXSW for various DC area websites, and to be honest, those are some of my favorite memories. I ran in constant circles, documenting every last drop of music I could squeeze into back to back 20 hour days. Often I spent time hammering out elaborate itineraries, that tended to place me in three events at once. However, the glorious thing about SXSW is that sometimes you would simply stumble into amazing situations.

Such was the case with the random happenstance of a free GoatWhore show crossing my path. The irony is that I did not at first know what I was looking at. I had stopped because of the number of fashionable hardcore kids suddenly littering the street, and realized that they were spilling in and out of, what was obviously a sneaky and not-so-sneaky jesus hXc showcase. So I could not have been more amused that these brothers in prayer were hosting one of the least christian bands I could think of. From the first downbeat, once GoatWhore took the stage, the crowd completely changed and all hell broke lose. The band proceded to beat the attendees with an unrelenting fury, that did not stop until the entire space was left in shambles. Random highlights? A wheelchair-bound hesher owning the pit, and being handed a free pair of swag shoes from one of the Brooklyn Vegan guys, who simply didn’t feel like carrying them anymore. But mostly, I remember the fucking metal; hail Satan.

Goatwhore performing at SXSW from Denman C Anderson on Vimeo.

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