We were wild: Jungbluth’s “S/T”

From the get go this record had me. Its melody combined with its balls-out wrath make for a whopping helping of pure agression. When I say pure, I mean fuckin pure, Germany’s Jungbluth is pissed about a great many things, and rightfully so. Essentially anti-bullshit, namely fascism and any form of discrimination, Jungbluth is hardcore that hopes for a better world and is not afraid to spit in a few faces to make it so.

This little gem boasts the unique trait of being able to be in a constant state of climax, as if at any moment some pompous, arrogant official will push the wrong button with a hail of Molotov cocktails ready to fly. This isn’t all civil unrest though, their is a deep poignancy to Jungbluth’s six track debut.

As much a reflection of the self as it is on society, “Jungbluth” juggles the two subjects, neck and neck, to appealing results. Like screamo bands of yore, there are strong emotions invested in these tracks: an investment few other contemporary bands can claim. The simultaneous delicacy and heaviness of the music itself affords the lyrical input strong ground on which to stand.

And talk about ground to stand on. Inviting track “Ueberstellung” comes out swinging, bare knuckled and bloody in the face, prepared to let the listener know that they’re about to be in a fight. From here the tape is a smattering of resonant beauty and justifiable sonic violence, relentless, endlessly listenable. “Quicker Temper, Slow Mind” stands at this self-titled’s most unique track, as aggressive as all the rest but blessed with a lingering elegance.

Jungbluth’s “S/T” is honest music in both sound and aesthetics, a diligent testament to the energy this music can muster when played in the right hands.

This debut is only available on very limited cassette of 200 copies and is available here, also digitally. Do not pass over this.

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  • fuuuuuck this is amazing! i don’t usually dig too much hardcore or skramz but this shit got me