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From the design mind of Dylan Kuhn comes Novelty Cross Productions based in California. He is a one-man creative force that combines the dark arts with streetwear to manifest clothing that is witty and thought-provoking. When you make your way to the Novelty Cross Productions webstore what you are going to find are awesome prints that make statements that you will be able to relate to, as well as tees that also have on-point messages. What I dig about Dylan’s design aesthetic is that it’s very clean and direct, which make his pieces even more timeless. I’m really enjoying writing this post, because he is an avid CVLT Nation reader, and it’s cool to share a community members’ work with the Nation. So after the jump, check out an awesome gallery of Novelty Cross Productions’ offerings!

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Sean Reveron

  • chris m

    Well put. This guys is awesome.