Within the Light of Fire…
WOLVSERPENT Unreal 11.2.13
Full Set Now Showing!

WOLVSERPENT created a very special album this year called Perigea Antahkarana, out now on Relapse Records, and every minute of this record is a looking glass into another dimension. Live, the band are able to totally expand the dark majestic qualities of their sound into a whole other sonic universe. Our comrade in video Kevin Hobbs captured WOLVSERPENT’s most recent show in the Bay Area, and after watching the footage you will see that words almost can not describe how good this band is! If WOLVSERPENT is coming to your town, you better not miss them, because their live show is a ritual that you must experience!


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The Author

Sean Reveron

Sean Reveron

  • cereal

    These guys are very quickly becoming one of my favorite bands.

  • Torben Ulrich


  • object88

    That was an amazing show. Many thanks to Wolvserpent.