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The Brvtalist is pleased to present new tape releases from Philadelphia’s End Result Productions. Last year we covered the excellent Death Bed by Bloom Offering, and the cassette and zine imprint just came out with four new releases for Spring 2016. Today we are featuring tapes by SPT and Slow Tongued Beauty, both Philadelphia-based producers who are exploring the outer realms of ambient and experimental techno.

SPT’s Expedition II is a cerebral, high concept release which builds on previous tapes and sonically navigates two more landmarks in the Antarctic. The two track cassette was recorded during a live transmission with no post-production work done. We were instantly drawn to the theme of the tracks and their cavernous, exploratory atmospheres. “Lazarev Ice Shelf” (streaming below) is both raw and frigid, seemingly taking you through the barren topography of the frozen continent. Its subtleties find elements of industrial, ambient and rhythmic techno. Clocking in at over 24 minutes, the track is a deep dive into a dark abyss of the unknown. From the artist:

SPT is short for Seenplatte Tunnel, loosely translated from German as “lakeland tunnel.” Platte more closely means plateau or district in this context, but regardless the term Seenplatte is used to describe lake-covered moraine regions of land. The significance attributed to Seenplatte Tunnel as a word pairing, however, is with reference to the naturally-occurring tunnels of ice that form underneath the Schirmacher Oasis in Antarctica during the summer months by way of glacial erosion.

The Schirmacher Oasis was the starting point of the SPT expeditions, but the ultimate goal of the project is for each new track to be representative of what could perhaps serve as the musical score to an expedition in each of the areas indicated. Expedition II gives a bleak, monolithic score to the 56-mile-long Lazarev Ice Shelf, as well as a more uplifting interpretation of what it might be like to look out at a windy sea from a standpoint of the Riiser-Larsen Peninsula.



end result productions


Expedition III will soon be released, and the next live transmission is scheduled to take place on June 25th in Baltimore, MD. More information about each of these will be communicated through the SPT Facebook page as it develops.

Slow Tongued Beauty is the electronic music production of Ryan Scott Kerr. The two track cassette, Temptable Desertion, is a brilliantly haunting, textured offering that seizes you with a hypnotic pulse. “The Satyr Exit” (streaming below) is a perfect example of Slow Tongued Beauty’s driving, psychological experimentation. From the artist:

All sounds are a console mix of modular system and DAW. The name Slow Tongued Beauty was derived from a cryptic tabloid reference to the late Anna Nicole Smith. Though the title certainly invites interpretation, the depth and absurdity of the tragedy from which it is derived offers further distinction to these ambiguous soundscapes. As far as the content of the sound, my goal is to simply create a complex sonic palette. The sounds reference the experiential in light of the history of electronic music and noise. I hope the work is simultaneously introspective and transcendent, constantly striving to reach a grotesque modicum of sublimity.


end result


In addition to SPT and Slow Tongued Beauty, End Result has also released stellar tapes by Wort and Deflector. We admire the label’s commitment to a wide variety of experimental sounds and the beautifully dark, underlying themes that connect each release. Second editions of the Slow Tongued Beauty and SPT tapes are now available to pre-order, shipping out April 19th and available directly at day two of the Cixous72 and Primitive Languages Present: ANTHESTRIA festival, on which Slow Tongued Beauty will perform night one. For more information, music and purchasing please visit FacebookSoundcloud and Bandcamp.


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