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If there’s one thing I’ve found most satisfying about CVLT Nation readers is that you share my sick and inappropriate sense of humour. Here’s a comic artist that’s right up our weird, dark alley – Joan Cornellà. His paintings and comic strips depict the darker side of human motivation and

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Glyn Smyth first caught my attention when I was looking at a Wolves In The Throne Room tour poster, so I looked into his work and I really liked what I found. It will probably not surprise you, since I am a fan of artworks from Fortifem or Business for

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One month into our fourth year and our ninth collection, Spring/Summer 2015, is now in the CVLT Nation Store and in stores worldwide! This season we were inspired by underground originators and skate culture with an occult flavor, and we have a sick collection of designs from Norot Art, Rainbath

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“The less you know, the safer you’ll be.” A common phrase for an uncommon artist, but it could suit Andy Kehoe just fine, considering that his various stories in the biography part of his websites all tell ridiculous but quite inventive origins.

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Ex Libris is a series of artworks by Japanese artist Alphonse Inoue, and it pictures young women with innocent faces doing not-so-innocent stuff with the rest of their body. It seems to be mythologically inspired, as we encounter the impersonation of Death touching those young girls full of life, or

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I was inspired by my John Howe Tolkien art post yesterday to search out some more fantasy art from my favorite novels. Of course, next up had to be artwork inspired by George R.R. Martin’s A Song of Ice and Fire series. The concept art for this series is pretty

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