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I love fantasy art. I’ve covered so many fantasy and sci-fi artists in the pages of CVLT Nation, and it’s gotten to a point where I’m just not as inspired by the bodacious blondes and redheads, no matter how many weapons they’re wielding or how skimpy their ragged loincloths. But

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Chicago native Lauren Gornik is quickly becoming one of underground heavy metal’s favorite illustrators. Bands such as Gatecreeper, Deceased, and Savage Master (just to name a few) have hired her to create some of their artwork, shirt designs and flyers. In a genera where the art is almost as important

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My friend Isabella is looking for a haunted jester, and the other day she was posting some of her options on her instagram. I was immediately riveted by the idea of finding haunted objects. Even though I have spent years obsessed with hauntings, for some reason I had never thought

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For anyone who’s into bondage fashion or leather lingerie, CREEPYYEHA is a household name. I have been lusting after their creations for years now, imagining myself caged in leather and steel and feeling like I could crush the world. In my imagination, my warrior self wears something designed and hand

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WTF – check out 30 minutes of new DEATH GRIPS music!!!

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Since starting this webzine, I’ve delved into some of my more macabre and outsider interests. One practice that fascinates me is extreme body modification – it pushes the boundaries of the aesthetics that are acceptable in society, and sometimes even what is acceptable for human beings. Check out one of

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