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Photo and Text by Nuno Bernardo With his bandmates Noah Landis and Greg Dale, Scott Kelly led a warm and cozy performance as a man who seems to miss his home and his family, making sense of their name, Scott Kelly and the Road Home. The Portuguese audience was his

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via Treat & Retreat When people think of serial killers, they think of all the brutal carnage these sick individuals were responsible for. Sure, this group of twisted psychopaths have become notorious for their violence and destruction, but what people may not be aware of is their capacity for artistic

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via Animal Andrea Hasler’s Matriarch references the Greenham Common Women’s Peace Camp, a historic protest in which 30,000 women gathered at a British air force base to stand against nuclear weapons. According to Hasler, the work metaphorically “[takes] the notion of the tents which were on site during the women’s

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When did I realize that human beings could go crazy for a film? When the first Star Wars movie hit the street in 1977. I remember driving past movie theaters, looking out of the back seat our Datsun at long lines of people waiting to see this film. My mom

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Some voices have an effect on me that almost cannot be described because of the impact they have had on my life. Some voices are like long drives towards the desert horizon into an unforgettable sunset. Some voices are eternity and will always be a part of the fabric of

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Text via Another mag As Irish Rich correctly said, “Bill Ray wasn’t the Lone Ranger…”meaning he wasn’t the only dude photographing the ’60s bikers/hippies/counterculture in a meaningful way – share the love.That being said, he did capture some really stunning images of the original Hells Angels of Berdoo and their

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