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Text and Photos: Abi Coulson/Darktones Photography Bongzilla with Dopethrone and Sons of Otis at The Fleece Bristol First trio of Canadians of the evening are SONS OF OTIS from Toronto who formed way back in 1992. Featuring just one founding member on the tour, Ken Baluke, they still kick off a

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The photos you are about to see prove that way before internet porn reached its lubed-up fingers into every household, humans were getting their freak on and documenting it. And some of the positions that are in these photos show a good amount of creativity. These people were really saying

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On June 28th, the post Covenant Fest show that featured Superstition/ Mortiferum / Spectral Voice / Temple of Abandonment was BEYOND AMAZING!!! Everyone who came out left feeling like they had just witnessed something very special – which they did! Our comrade Taylor Ferguson was on hand to capture this sick night

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Nowhere Near creates some of the raddest music I have heard in a long fucking time!!! You could call it noise rock, but that would not do this really fucking awesome band justice! I feel so honored to be sharing this stellar full set that took place on April  20th,

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A lineup like this is a must-see. Local noise/experimental composer Jasper Den Hartigh. Doom/sludge/grunge masters Thou. Neo-classical industrial goddess Lingua Ignota. Prolific doom/noise duo The Body. In typical “summer in New Orleans” fashion, the hot and humid atmosphere perfectly echoed the sounds created in Gasa Gasa. Den Hartigh, formerly of

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Text and Photos: Charles Nickles So, remember how I was going to take a break from heavy after Texas? You know, kick the doom-wah-diddy for a minute and let my mind go soft and breezy with major chords and clean singing because three days of terror is too much for

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