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In 1885, the Japanese woodblock artist Yoshitoshi created what would become one of the most influential early pieces of Japanese bondage art, The Lonely House on Adachi Moor. Based on a folktale about an onibaba (demon hag) who killed pregnant women to eat their fetuses, the piece is startling even

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Check out ALL PIGS MUST DIE & HOMEWRECKER straight killing it at St. Vitus in Brooklyn. This raging event was captured by our very own Charles Nickles aka @kidswinging All Souls HOMEWRECKER ALL PIGS MUST DIE

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With the world full of Black Metal bands who keep themselves barricaded in the four-walled confinement of “pure” asthetics, it’s refreshing and inspiring to see a band that not only embodies the pulverizing aggression and epic composition style that makes Black Metal so distinctive, but does so without falling into

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Do you appreciate some Majestic Blackened Melancholy Rage? Then you will  go ape shit for the new release from Iskandr. Eisenwald will be unleashing their new LP Euprosopon on 12 October 2018, and today we’re truly beyond stoked to be sharing this insanely moving record in full below. Pre-order Euprosopon right here, and right now you

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Text and Photos by Bobby Cochran It’s a distinct treat when two complimentary, unique and genre-pushing artists decide to join forces and hit the road together.  Russian Circles and Chelsea Wolfe (who’ve been label-mates and sometimes collaborators for many years) brought this enchanting musical package to the Regency Ballroom in San

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Text & Photos by Charles Nickles Sometimes, when shit gets weird, it’s good to go the metal show. Get hot. Get deaf. Get hit. Maybe iron some of those wrinkles out of your cranium. Other times, it leaves you wholly twisted on the very nature of your personal being. And

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