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On Dec.7th the killer fest Invoking the ancient ritual Pt. II took place in Leipzig, Germany. Our comrade in photos Void Revelations captured the fest for CVLT Nation. Impressionen Wolvennest NYIÞ The Ruins Of Beverast Cult of Fire

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Birds do it, bees do it, even our great-great-grandparents did it! The “it” I’m talking about is good sex captured on film. I know we live in the age of porn, where these images are just a keyboard or smart phone away, but way back in the day you could

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While looking at Sal One photos so many emotions run through my mind and I got chill while staring at his work! What makes him one of the most important photographers in the Los Angeles Punk scene is that he is willing to capture the culture of the humans that

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Siouxsie Sioux is someone who has inspired me with her fearless musical creativity and genre-defying sounds, as well as her iconic sense of style that helped to define what we know now as deathrock and 80s goth. The Banshee’s band manager, Nils Stevenson – road manager of the Sex Pistols – brought

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Text & Photos: Void Revelations Instagram Organized by the German Label Iron Bonehead and the states-based label Nuclear War Now!, the first edition of the Never Surrender Festival took place in Berlin this year. Void Revelations was able to take a look behind the scenes for CVLT Nation. Barbed wire

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The ever-inspiring Davey Bales of The Wraith fame has released the fourth installment of his Dead Flowers poetry series! If you enjoyed his last issue, this one will not disappoint. Davey is constantly evolving as a person and his poetry is no exception. His best work yet, issue #4 has

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