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Jaroslav Panuška painted many of the creepy, downright disturbing artworks below in the early 1900s. At a time when such nightmarish images would have been anathema to the mores of society, he explored our inner fears of death and abandonment. His paintings practically ooze a sense of melancholy loneliness; just

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Have you had the honor of feasting your eyes on the new WEREGOAT album cover? The stunning, sickening artwork was created by Cristóbal López, aka Kerbcrawler Ghost. In his lines I see pure exquisite filth that turns me on at times while at the same time I’m thinking some dark fucking

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VLADA MIRKOVIĆ takes reality and reflects it back at us in a surreal and disturbing way.  Most of his human subjects are faceless or wearing masks – many with the Mona Lisa’s face – and are reminiscent of the glowing, gorgeous paintings of the Renaissance. Similarly, Mircović’s paintings are telling

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Imagine a world of deformed beings, where discomfort smothers every last hope; humanity is nothing but a memory and you can smell death everywhere. This represents the vision of an artist who speaks to the darkest part hidden within us all. Davide Rankore is originally from a small town in

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Middle Eastern witchcraft is a combination of ancient Persian mythology and Islamic beliefs rolled into an interesting form of occultism that is still practiced to this day. Modern practitioners of witchcraft in the region, typically old and religious women or men, use talismans to “read” cures into common problems faced

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MICHAEL HUTTER paintings are full of the kind of imagery that I dig, from sex, death and erotica to demons. His work reminds me of some of my favorite artists, but he flips the script with his own vision that is enchanting. HUTTER’s visuals are full of layers to lose yourself in

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