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I’d say I’m hungover because I probably am but at least I had the good sense to decline Daikaiju’s invitation to party because – though I’m sure that would’ve been one of the more memorable mistakes I’ve made in the last few years – I had a pretty solid hunch

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Amazing music – check, futuristic thought through costumes with white wigs – check, high level production with beautiful lights and just the right amount of smoke – check. In other words, Drab Majesty put up one hell of a show to celebrate the release of their new album “Modern Mirror”.

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Grendel have recently played a packed headlining show at the Catch One club in Los Angeles. One of the best things about this music is that it can be enjoyed from so many different perspectives. First a little bit of history, Grendel is an industrial electronic project, also often categorized

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Photos by Tim Birkbeck from the tour’s London show A night of pure extreme music is all you need. And with a line-up that includes the likes of sludge/hardcore fiends Fange, straightedge crust arsonists Sect, old-school hardcore punk legends Terror and of course the mighty Converge, one cannot go wrong. 

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Text and Photos from Charles Nickles aka @kidswinging I don’t know why breakfast tacos aren’t an everywhere, all the time thing. They’re the fuckin’ shit. Hearty and not, you know, the MOST unhealthy thing you could shove down your gullet before the first sweating day of the coming maelstrom.  Some

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Text and Photos from Charles Nickles I don’t know who I am today and I don’t really care but I am a bit concerned that my feet are bleeding and so is my asshole or asscrack or let’s not get too fuckin’ specific because when there’s blood below the waistline

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