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There is nothing more mysterious than the places the human mind goes when the body sleeps; as the limbs go limp and breathing goes deep, mists descend on our brains, shrouding our consciousness and allowing our ghosts and spirits to dance and explore. We become a character in a world

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The photographer//film director Ken Russell lived a very interesting life. In 1955, he decided to document London’s Teddy Girl gangs. His pictures show strong, stylish young women living life by their own rules. Ken Russell says about the Teddy Girls: “they were tough, these kids, they’d been born in the war

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Photographer: Mattias Westfalk Site: Based in: Tokyo ONE I’ve been shooting the underground heavy metal scene in Tokyo for many many years. I started before the digital revolution with a 35 mm camera, then hooked on to the digital bandwagon and used this medium professionally up until very recently.

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Rather than fill our Instagram feed with people’s bad selfies and what they cooked for bae (ok, I do follow this one though…), I love that Instagram has become an online gallery, where artists can curate collections of their work in a public space. Today I’d like to showcase a

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Photos: Pedro Roque This past weekend, a festival of epic proportions went down in Portugal – the Burning Light Fest! Today CVLT Nation has a huge photo essay from Day Two of the fest via Pedro Roque, who captured the performances of Infra, Oblivionized, Hymn, Acid Deathtrip, Cowards, Morte Incandescente,

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Text and photos: Tiina Liimu SLEEP – 2/7/15 Commodore Ballroom 990 Black Sabbath fans can’t be wrong, can they? Talking about Sleep on here is like preaching to the choir, and likewise for the Buddha-faced denim, ink and black-garbed congregation on that February Saturday night. Vancouver’s Commodore Ballroom found itself

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