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DESERTFEST LONDON 2019 – DAY ONE    Photos and text by Abi Ghoulson It that time again the third of May which means only one thing for most die hard stoner rock fans the year has totally flown by and it’s the weekend to celebrate the eighth year of this

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Text and Photos: Charles Nickles I’m not hungover which is something of a surprise considering I thought I tried all the beers. The dudes from Decibel seem surprised too. That’s cool. Turns out I have a whole lot more drinking to do and really didn’t take as good care to expound

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Last month LA was blessed by a very special show. On April 7th, Mortiis played a set of Era 1 music at the Lodge Room. As a side note, Mortiis is one of the pioneers of dungeon synth, a genre that combines medieval music with black metal aesthetics and, just

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By Kris T. Therrian  Facebook Instagram New year, new Roadburn! If you’re one of those few not suffering from the plague of the modern age (aka ‘attention deficit disorder’), you may have been skimming through my reports from the previous editions and/or attended the festival yourself. In that case I

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Text and Photos: Charles Nickles Were I a nobler man, I’d be telling you all about how I survived the Integrity, etc. gig last night what with all the beer and bodies flying, the crowd-killing and borderline riot that ensued from packing so much heavy into such a small room.

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No other site in the world makes me happy like The Internet K-Hole does! This is the place where I go when I want to see photos that remind me what it was like to grow up in the mad wild 80’s. I have nothing but respect for the human

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