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If you have read my previous piece here on CVLT Nation, you know I’m a BDSM lover without a kink-oriented community in my country of Paraguay. So, after giving you some context about my situation, I’m ready to start writing about the everyday mechanics of a (mostly) solitary kinkster. Trying

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It’s been well documented that the Catholic Church is rife with male sexual predators! The other night I watched this Nuns Sexually Abused These Women For Years documentary and realized Nuns are just as bad! It’s funny how the media paints people that people that wear all black with tattoos

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One of the things that’s awesome about working from home is that when a post from @dildonighmares pops up in my IG feed I don’t need to hide what I’m laughing hysterically at. And this account makes me laugh hysterically on a regular basis. I think if you want a

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This feature was taken from Thought Catalog The Mongolian Death Worm is even more dangerous than the name suggests. The Mongolian Death Worm has the ability to kill up close — and from a distance. You never want to come across this creature, because the chances are slim you are

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In a previous post about Femdom culture, my partner Meghan wrote this and I know I can not break it down any better! Femdom has roots that go far back in history, with images and text describing female domination going back into the 1500s in Europe, and much further in

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More than a century before a group of angry young Norwegians got their hands on fire and set it to wooden churches, an English man tried burning down one of Europe’s largest cathedrals. “Mad” Jonathan Martin was born to a large and by all accounts eccentric family. While two of

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