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With all of the bonkers, violent, fucked up shit that is happening around the globe, it’s time for you to tune out and check out this What the Fuck photo gallery! Scratch your heard and say WTF!               Gravity is still working as intended

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Before I became a permanent inhabitant of the Dark Carnival, I was like so many people on the Internet — insecure and self-loathing with a nefarious curiosity of Juggalo culture (and a hobby of projecting said insecurities onto them). I recall many nights having friends over in my stuffy apartment, parked in

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Text via The Things This website logs the world’s births and deaths in real time. Flashing green dots appear on a simple map, indicating where a baby was born. (There is also a continuously-updating list on the left for births). At the same time, flashing red dots appear on the map, indicating

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As a child raised in a “Christian” home, I was told every Sunday in church that the way to ensure eternal life was to believe in the Bible and Jesus. If I didn’t believe in these things, I was going to end up in Hell, a horrible place full of

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A 71-year-old man in South Korea experienced every sushi lover’s worst nightmare when doctors had to amputate his forearm, apparently because he’d consumed contaminated raw seafood. The unnamed patient showed up at Chonbuk National University Medical School in Jeonju with a fever and severe pain in his left hand, according to

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Horror movie enthusiasts can already likely spin the yarn of the Phantom Killer, given that the story was loosely adapted in to The Town that Dreaded Sundown in 1976 and a second film of the same name from 2014. It’s also been the subject of TV documentaries and books, fiction

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