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One of the bloodiest revolutions in the Americas was the Mexican Revolution of 1910 to 1920. Over the course of that terrible decade, more than 1.5 million people were killed. If you want to brush up on your Mexican Revolution history and impress your friends, don’t look here – the

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1817, the American South. Forty miles north of Nashville, Tennessee lay a small farming community on the banks of the Red River. A family is besieged by an invisible force with the power to speak, move objects, and even harm the living. A mere amusement to many, a supernatural curiosity

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Text by Dangerous Minds Serial Killer Magazine got its start in 2014 and to date has put out 25 issues dedicated to the dark world of serial killers. The page-turner is the holy grail for anyone into “murderabilia,” and the mag takes the business of providing in-depth information about serial murderers

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Often, the crimes that haunt the collective conscience of humanity the most are the ones that remain without resolution. To this day, modern investigators strive to solve the killings of Jack the Ripper and unravel the Black Dahlia murder. One of the eeriest exemplars of unsolved murders took place on

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Why do I love art? Because it take my mind to places that I did not know existed. It shows me that there people who are brave enough to be different! I discovered Gustave Adolf Mossa recently, although his artwork was produced before my lifetime. He was on this planet from 1883

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Via Flashbak “I’d been to my first gig, The Clash in Lewisham, a month before which was pretty mind-altering and then to follow that with this experience was something else” “As it’s Mother’s Day we’d like to dedicate this to all the absent mothers of the young boys here tonight. I’m

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